Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My garage door remote will not work and I have changed the batteries. Does it need to be replaced?
A: sometimes the remotes lose their program memory and need to be reprogrammed. You can also bring your remote to our office and let us test it for free. 

Q: Can I purchase a new remote from your office?
A: Yes, we carry remotes for most brands of openers in stock. 

Q: What type of payment do you accept?
A: Cash, check, Mastercard, VISA, or Discover

Q: Do you service my area?
A: We service a broad area around Augusta and Aiken. Check out our service areas to see if you are in that area! If you do not see your town on our list, call us to find a dealer near you. 

Q: Can my operator be reset?
A: Most brands of operators do not have a reset button. However, you can unplug the unit and wait 30-60 seconds and plug it back in, this sometimes will do a reset on the circuit board. 

Q: What is warranty on your products/services?
A: Service labor is warranties for 30 days and install labor is warrantied for a year. Depending on what model your door/operator is, warranty can vary from a year to a lifetime. 

Q: My garage door will not open automatically or manually, how can I get the door up?
A: If you are unable to lift the door by hand, it is possible you have a broken spring on the garage door. The door will be dead weight as the spring is what lifts the weight of the door. Call our skilled office staff to determine if the spring is broken and we will send out an experienced technician to perform service to get your door back in working condition. 
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